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You're taking a look at my army case; I purchased this at an army surplus shop in Michigan years earlier and have utilized it to transfer camera lenses, guitar pedals, electronics and video cams. It's definitely indestructible and hard as nails. I've taken it overseas, across the country, and so on, never when stressing over my equipment.

Butterfly clips around border ensure a snug closure; there's even a valve to adjust pressure inside the case if you had to do that for any factor. It's probably waterproof, but I've never ever dropped it in the ocean to check it.

Today it's fulled of some foam that fits some of my electronics (see photo of open case). If you like, you can take it out and put in your own custom foam footprint. It's in terrific shape except for the reality that it's a little messy and there is a small bit of oxidation on a few of the metal elements.

Size is about 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet by 1 foot high.

This thing is awesome. It's like a pelican case on steroids. Shield that gear!

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